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Hi, I'm having a problem with Stomp and ActiveMQ temporary queues.

a) producer subscribes to /temp-queue/response
b) then sends a message with reply-to set to "/temp-queue/response"
c) the consumer gets the message , with reply-to set to "/remote-temp-queue/ID\cjmls-study-49161-1353295140603-2\c463\c1"
d) and responds to that reply-to address
e) sure enough, message appears on the queue list of ActiveMQ , but with 0 consumers, so the message just sits there waiting
the producer is also just sitting around, waiting for the message as well, but is obviously not subscribed to the queue it needs to be

I thought that ActiveMQ automatically subscribes a client to a temporary queue.

How else can I get this client to subscribe ? Am I missing something in the stomp headers ?