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startup destinations problem



I get this error when I run two brokers that have a single multicast
network connector between them:


INFO  TransportConnector             - Connector vm://two Started

INFO  DemandForwardingBridge         - Network connection between
vm://two#6 and tcp://localhost/ has been

INFO  DemandForwardingBridge         - Network connection between
vm://two#6 and tcp://localhost/ shutdown due to a local
error: javax.jms.JMSException: Durable consumer is in use for client:
NC_one_inboundtwo and subscriptionName: two_foo.topic

INFO  TransportConnector             - Connector vm://two Stopped

INFO  NetworkConnector               - Establishing network connection
between from vm://two?network=true to tcp://


This error repeats forever as the connection is started and stopped.


After some analysis, this occurs whenever I list the same startup
destination topic in both the broker's config files.  





        <topic physicalName="foo.topic"/>



is given in both config files?


Why can't I list the same startup topic in the config file of both
instances?  I'm trying to limit the amount of configuration overhead
when I deploy all this out in our operational environment.