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selector is null in ConsumerInfo

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I would need to get information of different consumers selectors from my broker network. That is, to know what kind of data they are interested at.

I have tried to achieve this by adding Advisory consumer to ActiveMQ.Advisory.Consumer.Topic to one of the brokers and succeeded to receive AMQ message every time a new consumer is added to network.
But when I look at the ConsumerInfo data structure I see selector = null. If I set advisory consumer to the same broker with a certain consumer, selector shows correctly.

For example:  consumerA ------   consumerB ------ consumerC  --> consumerC doesn's see selectors consumerA or B from ConsumerInfo they send but it does see its own info.

Should ConsumerInfo pass this kind of information to Advisory topic for other network consumers to reach? Is there any other way to find out what kind of data is consumed in the network?

BR, rasse