memory leak due to producers increasement

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memory leak due to producers increasement


We are using AMQ and our broker memory is increasing slowly...

I noticed while monitoring with jconsole, that the TotalProducersCount is increasing slowly.
queueProducers, tempQueueProducers, TopicProducers etc, are all with the same number of producers...

Hence, I'm not sure where this increase is coming from, but I suspect this:

I see that temp queues are creating and deleted often... might be some clients are doing it.
I assume that something like that might happen:

tempqueue is created, producer is created and then for some reason there is an issue and the tempqueue is deleted without deleting the consumer...

Is such scenario possible? will it cause the memory increase that we see?
Is there any way to close such producers after a while from server side?

Thanks a lot,