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[activemq-user] Redelivery policy

Tareq Abed Rabbo
I would like to know how the redelivery policy works. I am using a message
listener and I've added a redelivery policy element to activemq's
configuration with no success. I tried both activemq 3.0 and 3.1M2.
Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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[activemq-user] Topology Query

Daniel Graham
Hello All,

I'm trying to construct a topology that makes the most of the IN-VM
transport where possible, but would have a couple of topic/queue's
on an external machine .. one incoming, one outgoing.

Effectively, for the initial version, there will be two machines, and
hence (I think) two brokers. One will have to _run_ a tcp://.. broker
transport in order to receive message from the main system, which I
was hoping would be running the vm transport (there's a lot of data
to shift, and I'd prefer the VM for speed).

However, I also need to send from the "tcp" broker to the main server,
with as little latency as possible ..

I (think!) my question is :

  Do I have to run a tcp:// broker on the main service in order to
  achieve the connectivity I require, and, if so, is it possible to
  run an embedded broker simultaneously on that machine, within the
  same process for speed purposes?

So can I have the following (apologies for those not on fixed fonts .. )

  +---------------------------+                       +------------+
  | Main Server :             |                       | secondary :|
  | mostly vm://localhost     |                       | tcp://..   |
  | some  tcp://mainhost      | ====================> |            |
  |                           | <===================  |            |
  +---------------------------+                       +------------+

If I can, how do I tell the client side and server side in main server
which broker to use? Do I have to do this specifically, for each queue?