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[activemq-user] Re: 3.0 - can't get reliable to work as I'd expect

<jastrachan@...> writes:

> If there are no JMS brokers running, the reliable protocol will attempt  
> to try all the URLs its aware of a number of times (with timeouts  
> between retries). If all of these reconnections fail, the exception is  
> bubbled up to the JMS connection (and exception listener) at which  
> point the JMS connection closes down.

Based on the statement above, I wouldn't expect my ExceptionListener to be
called until after the attempts have been made to reconnect to the broker.  
What I am seeing, however, is that my ExceptionListener is being called
immediately when the first broker goes down.  Is this the expected behavior?  

I was hoping to have the reliable protocol attempt to reconnect (some number
of times) before notifying my system that the connection has been lost (via
the ExceptionListener).  If the reconnect attempts aren't successful, only
then would I want my ExceptionListener to be called so that I can send out
alerts to the System Administrator.  Is there a simple way to achieve this?