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[activemq-user] ActiveMQ 4.0 issue

Tyler Nelson
    I was working with Jencks 1.2 and ActiveMQ 4 over the weekend.  
After bashing my head a couple times because I am a total ActiveMQ  
noob, I realized the brokerId was not getting set correctly. Which  
was causing a NullPointer in this line of code in ActiveMQConnection

resourceManagerId = brokerInfo.getBrokerId().getBrokerId();

What it looks like to me (once again being the ActiveMQ noob) is that  
the TransportConnector is getting set via Spring/XBean it is using  
the default constructor, which does not set the brokerId.  And later  
on in the process where the broker is getting set on the  
TransportConnector, the brokerId is not getting set there either.

To fix this I changed TransportConnector.setBroker to set the  
brokerId in the brokerInfo object. Once I did that it, Jencks and  
ActiveMQ worked like a champ.

I can add this to JIRA, however I wanted to make sure this change  
would not cause some other strange behavior.