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[activemq-dev] ActiveMQ XA transactions in Websphere

Pablo Cerella
Hi everyone.
We are running our product in a WebSphere 5.1 (which is J2EE 1.3
compliant).  We want to us ActiveMQ instead of the JMS server embebbed
in WebSphere.
We are not been able to configure ActiveMQ with XA support.
We have tried the followings:
1 - we try to use the rar file (activemq-3.0.rar) included in ActiveMQ
distribution (that compliace with JCA version 1.5) but that didn't work
(not even able to install it) since J2EE 1.3 (Websphere 5.1) only
supports JCA version 1.0.
2 - Then we define the queue, topics and factories in the
jndi.properties. We were able to connect and work with the jms server
but it failed when commiting the transaction with the following error:
"An illegal attempt to commit a one phase capable resource with existing
two phase capable resources has occurred."

This means we have not correctly configure ActiveMQ to use XA.

How can we configure ActiveMQ to work in XA mode?

Thank you in advance.