[activemq-dev] ActiveMQ JCA container now migrating to Jencks.org

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[activemq-dev] ActiveMQ JCA container now migrating to Jencks.org

Just a quick heads up. You might have spotted this already but I  
thought I'd repeat it in an explicit email in case you missed it.

ActiveMQ has supported Message Driven POJOs using JCA for some time.

Also ServiceMix has recommended using JCA for inbound JMS  
subscription for some time too.

To make things easier, we've moved the ActiveMQ JCA container into  
the Jencks project

e.g. here's Message Driven POJOs with Jencks...

We've also removed some of the code and instead reuse the  
WorkManager, TransactionManager and BootstrapContext from Geronimo  
now by default. In case you're worrying about jar-hell - we've a  
single jar, jencks-all.jar you can add to your classpath and you  
should have everything you need.

We've integrated with some Spring code from Thierry Templier from the  
Spring team for working with Factory beans and interceptors. Finally  
we've added some helper factory beans for working with Geronimo  
transaction manager and work manager from Spring...


While we'll continue to support ActiveMQ's JCA container up to 3.1 of  
ActiveMQ, versions after this date will use Jencks. ServiceMix 1.0  
went out with full Jencks support already