Understanding ActiveMQ configurations and limits

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Understanding ActiveMQ configurations and limits

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I am facing this where my ActiveMQ broker is not delivering any persistent messages sent on queues to the consumers()
I am not able to reproduce it, but it happens almost every weekend so I am guessing this might be because of some configuration.

What is the effect of following configurations from consumer and broker communication perspective:

maxPageSize (maximum number of persistent messages to page from store at a time)(default is 200):
Say I have 200 persistent messages in memory and new persistent messages are coming. What is going to happen in this case?

cursorMemoryHighWaterMark (the percentage (%) tipping point at which a system memory limit will cause a cursor to block or spool to disk)(default is 70):
What is the effect of this limit? Say my limit is hovering around 69-70%.
What is the effect of this limit on new messages persistent and non-persistent from consumer delivery perspective?

Please check the other post and suggest any other configuration which might cause this.
thanks for all the help.