Store & Forward issues under STOMP

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Store & Forward issues under STOMP

Hi, i'm currently using ActiveMQ 5.4.2 & running into an issue with a store and forward configuration for a distributed STOMP queue. Trying to figure out if this is a bug in my configuration, expected behavior in activemq or something else...

So I have 2 brokers - a local broker (stagingapp1), and a remote broker (stagingbroker). I'd like to have messages flow from the local broker to the remote broker and ultimately reach consumers listening on the remote broker.

Instead what happens is messages are sent to the local broker and get stuck there. Even when producing thousands of test messages there is no forwarding happening to the remote broker.

Here are the respective local and remote configs:

FWIW, we had a similar configuration working under 5.4.2 via JMS but since switching to STOMP we've not been able to get store and forward working...