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[STOMP] About ActiveMQ-STOMP message ordering

Hi all,


Above link section, Message Ordering, is wrong, and it should be revised
and corrected. It says "When delivering messages the broker uses the
message-id to order them" and it's wrong.

The right thing is: arrival time determines order. With transactions,
commit time. The message-id gives order relative to a single producer only.

And one more thing. I think next example is wrong too:


I have tested it with stompjms consumer
(https://github.com/fusesource/stompjms) with a ActiveMQ 5.8.0 broker
and I reproduce that use case and I don't get that output (I get:
/|message |//|1|//|message |//|1|//|message |/|/2/; the ack outside the
first rollback doesn't affect),is right?