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Re: [activemq-user] JCA and Tomcat

On 12 Jun 2005, at 22:25, Swen Moczarski wrote:
> Hi Matthias,
> im only a ActiveMQ user but maybe I can help - we had a similar  
> problem. For Tomcat its a problem if a jar contains the classes of  
> the servlet API.
> Try to use jar files with separated J2EE APIs insted of one jar  
> with all APIs including the Servlet API (j2ee.jar). For example,  
> you can use the API jars from geronimo ( 
> repository/geronimo-spec/jars/)

Agreed. Tomcat really doesn't like the j2ee.jar being in a WAR. We  
could kinda do with j2ee-minus-servlets.jar :) But I tend to use the  
different parts from geronimo. e.g. geronimo-spec-jms-*.jar +  
geronimo-spec-j2ee-management-*.jar, geronimo-spec-jta-*.jar etc.

For the JCA stuff you'll need the geronimo-spec-j2ee-connector-*.jar  
as well

> Good luck,
> Swen
> Matthias Koch wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have problems when using JCA that during the deployment.
>> the JCAContainer bean uses a WorkManager,
>> but at the jars from ActiveMQ (lib and lib/optional) I can't find  
>> this.
>> at my Sun AS this class is inside the j2ee.jar, after putting this  
>> into the
>> tomcat libs the error is still alive, it seems that this jar will  
>> be ignored.
>> when deploying my application into JBoos there is no error and the  
>> application
>> run well, but I will use Tomcat only.
>> have anyone a solution on how to use ActiveMQ JCA with Tomcat ?
>> thanks.
>> mfg Matthias