REST Interface AND Management API

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REST Interface AND Management API

Behzad Khosrojerdi

Dear Friends,

I have a problem for creating Destinations in Apache ARTEMIS

In fact , I checked out most of operations in REST Interface and 

they work well but i cannot create destination

 however i can delete destination. 

there is a permission for creating but it does not work.

I attached my sample project to see what wrong with that.

second problem that I have is about Management API 

actually,i do not know how to initiate ActiveMQServerControl interface 

and i could not find any example of this,

for more info,I use apache artemis standalone that a war file is connected to it.

I look forward to  hear about you.

Thanks for reading my email.

Yours Faithfully,

Behzad Khosrojerdi (102K) Download Attachment