Query on Activemq' Mqtt broker and it's scalability

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Query on Activemq' Mqtt broker and it's scalability

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Hi ActiveMQ users.
We are planning to implement an Instant messaging/chat Applicaion, where MQTT will be used as the protocol. We are considering ActiveMQ as MQTT broker. Your comments will be greatly appreciated , if you can elaborate on the below queries:

1. Our chat app may reach upto 100 million subscribers. Can ActiveMQ scale up to support 100 million or so  concurrent connections?

2. As per documentation, ActiveMQ supports clustering. And one cluster can have only one Queue node. How can it scale up with only one queue node (with millions of subscribers),.

3. Can you pls elaborate in detail or provide any document link to understand the ActiveMQ cluster configuration?

4. Does ActiveMQ support MQTT bridging for MQTT brokers? How can multiple clusters be joined.

5. How many commercial deployments of ActiveMQ are there as MQTT broker? Can you name a few?

6. We are only interested in deploying ActiveMQ as a MQTT broker. And we want to avoid the overhead of deploying all the other features of ActiveMQ (e.g, enterprise MOM features). Is it possible to trim down ActiveMQ for our purpose? Can we disable all the unnecessary features & make it lightweight & less demanding on CPU, memory & IO?

7. What is the message throughput supported by ActiveMQ in the context of MQTT?

8. Is there any cloud deployment of ActiveMQ, that we can buy for some prototyping?

9. How to use ActiveMQ from an android client? Do you have any android client example for ActiveMQ?

10. Any online reference of ActiveMQ benchmarks & scalability aspects will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
S Roy