Network of brokers disconnected due to some reason

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Network of brokers disconnected due to some reason

I have configured network of brokers with ActiveMQ as below,

activemq-central   <----->   site-a
      |<---------------------> site-b
      |<---------------------> site-c
      |<---------------------> site-d
      |<---------------------> site-e
      |<---------------------> site-f

When I start the ActiveMQ on central one the connection getting established properly, but after sometime the connection is getting dropped with the below message,

2017-05-14 08:00:51,370 | WARN  | Network connection between vm://activemq-central#288 and tcp://activemq-site-a/ shutdown due to a remote error: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException | | triggerStartAsyncNetworkBridgeCreation: remoteBroker=tcp://activemq-site-a/, localBroker= vm://activemq-central#288

after that its not connecting at all and it requires to restart ActiveMQ only on central. When it started disconnecting the each site ActiveMQ network broker connection the central one is not accepting the connection from the client to publish the message as well. Am unable to figure it out why its happening. I don't find any OOM killer and have configured non-persistent as well. Since I don't require persistent on central and the queue messages will be subscribed immediately and have persistent configured on each site location so that messages will not be lost. Any help please. Am using ActiveMQ version 5.14.3 on central one and each site location will be having different ActiveMQ versions.