Multicast discovery doesn't seem to work currently.

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Multicast discovery doesn't seem to work currently.


I'm currently in a situation where I have a (multicast discovery) network of brokers of some brokers (15). One component "A" has a network connector (duplex) to the 14 others which have an associated transport connector. The 14 others components discovered and connected themselves on the same multicast group but with a "not duplex" network connector since they also have the transportConnector.

All components are in the same subnet.

The component "A" first discovered all the 14 others.

One (the component "B") of the 14 others has been stopped then restarted. The 13 components discovered the component "B" and created their connections between each others, but the component "A" doesn't discover the component "B".

My administrator said that if I stop and restart component "A", it will discover again all the 14 others.

I can look at the JMX view of all components. All seems Ok. I don't know why component "A" doesn't try to connect to component "B". I'm quite sure that multicast messages are received by component "A".

The last message I have into the ActiveMQ logfile is that the network link with the component "B" was stopped.

All components are in an ActiveMQ 5.2 configuration

Anyone has an idea ?