Message Groups and ActiveMQ network of brokers

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Message Groups and ActiveMQ network of brokers

Christian Hoffmann-5

I found an old message on this mailing list stating:

>>I don't want to load balance across brokers; I want sticky load
>>across consumers, with failover. I have a network-of-brokers. The
>>groups documentation (
says I
>>can use that feature to get "high availability / auto-failover to other
>>consumers if a JVM goes down".

>This only applies on a single logical broker - it does not work across
>networks of brokers using store/forward. If you want message groups
>with broker failover then use Master/Slave

I am using 5.3.2 and I'd like to know if this is still the case: Message
Groups are not "working" in a cluster of brokers?
The documentation doesn't seem to state that explicitly.