Lots of "Successfully connected" messages with failover setup

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Lots of "Successfully connected" messages with failover setup

Since we're connecting to a broker with a failover setup, the logging is
flooded with these
11:51:36,115 INFO
[org.apache.activemq.transport.failover.FailoverTransport] (ActiveMQ Task-1)
Successfully connected to tcp://<host>:61616

If I try to reproduce this locally, all I have to do is setup a broker, no
messaging involved, in JBoss 7.2, like so:
                <resource-adapter id="activemq-ra">
                    <config-property name="ServerUrl">
jndi-name="activemq/ConnectionFactory" pool-name="activemq">

We're using ActiveMQ 5.15.9 / 5.15.10, JBoss 7.2

I've found that it's related to (or merely triggered by) the transaction
managers periodic recovery. At least when running locally.
I can control the amount of times I see the message by setting the recovery
period properties:

But why is it happening?

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