Improved (de-)serializing of javax.jms.ObjectMessage messages

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Improved (de-)serializing of javax.jms.ObjectMessage messages

To improve sending/receiving of ObjectMessages I used another serialization
framework (Kryo). I was a bit surprised, because the performance gain was
not as big es expected.

- When using Kryo with ActiveMQ it improved sending/receiving message with
about factor 2,5.
- In my stand alone Java serialization test application (using
ObjectOutputStream/ObjectInputStream vs. Kryo) I got about factor 4.

In both cases I used the same object to (de-)serialize.

Two questions:
[1] Does ActiveMQ already use some kind of optimized Serializer?

When looking in the source code of Active MQ I see something like this:
                DataOutputStream dataOut = new DataOutputStream(os);
                ObjectOutputStream objOut = new ObjectOutputStream(dataOut);

[2] What's the purpose of slotting a DataOutputStream ahead of a