How to configure https when ssl is working?

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How to configure https when ssl is working?

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I have been trying to configure acivemq over https, but no success yet! :|

I could successfully test activemq over SSL, but I am stuck up with the https part.

This is what I did...
These are the snippets I have added to the activemq.xml file.

            <sslContext keyStore="file:${activemq.base}/conf/broker.ks"
            <transportConnector name="openwire" uri="tcp://"/>
                         <transportConnector name="ssl" uri="ssl://localhost:61617"/>
            <transportConnector name="https" uri="<a href="https://localhost:8443&quot;/&gt;">https://localhost:8443"/>
                        <transportConnector name="http" uri="<a href="http://localhost:61619&quot;/&gt;">http://localhost:61619"/>


I have not made any changes to the jetty.xml file. Please tell me if that is required.

When I start the activemq from the command prompt it shows that
Connector https started

But when I run my test java program, it runs fine with the ssl but with the https URI it gets stuck and does not give any exceptions either.

Suggestions, please!

Thanks in advance..