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Fwd: Connection Factory Properties not effective for MDB

françois Achache
Timothy Bish closed my issue AMQ-5528, he saids that I should send that to
user mailing list.
I do that...

In glassfish deploy activemq-ra
create jms connectorFactory jms/testConnectionFactory
with property serverUrl = activemqUrl
create jms queue jms/testQueue
create sessionBean producer with injecteds resources
jms/testConnectionFactory and testQueue.
create servlet for launch producer.
This works.
But now create MDB with  Activation Spec Properties
*destination = "jms/testQueue"*
*destinationType = "Queue"*
in glassfish-ejb-jar.xml configure the mdb
the MDB doesnt work, I can't use the connectionFactory for MDB why ?
This technic works perfectly with openMQ but not with activeMQ
If I place the conguration on resource-adapter with  Resource Adapter
Properties and define in glassfish-ejb-jar.xml
this works, but If I want to use 2 differents business activemq for 1
application, how I do ?
The solution is deploy 2 or more resource-adapter, but this is unstable and
ugly. The logic is I deploy 1 resource-adapter and configure separatly 2
When I look sources of ra, I feel that the MDB doesn't use ra
connectionFactory config in glassfish. just adapter config and spec from


François Achache