Durable subscription not working with conduit Subscriptions

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Durable subscription not working with conduit Subscriptions

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We have deployed a network of embedded brokers with Hub and spokes topology. The network connector is set to duplex and dynamic. We use KahaDB for persistency. The ActiveMQ version is 5.7. No Selector implementation.

Our cluster servers reply on the network brokers to sync up data among them. Within the application, several topics have been defined.Following is an example for the subscriptions within the application.

1. Topic A has 2 none-durable subscribers
2. Topic B has 6 none-durable subscribers
3. Topic C has 1 durable subscriber
4. Topic D has 1 durable subscriber

Initially the conduit Subscriptions has been set to false, and we have seen duplicate messages received by each subscriber as expected (for example, each of the subscribers for Topic B will get 6 duplicate messages). So we turned the conduit Subscriptions to true, then all the duplicate messages are gone as expected. But we also noticed that the durable subscription stopped to work. All the durable subscribers no longer receive stored messages (which sent from other brokers while the local server is down) after reconnect. And once we set the conduit Subscriptions back to false, then the durable subscription function resume right away.

Just what to check whether somebody else has been experienced this and is there anything we can do to bypass this.

Thanks for any input!