Default Behavior for Colocated Backup Restart

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Default Behavior for Colocated Backup Restart

What is the expected behavior of a colocated backup when its host broker is
stopped and started?

Currently I have Broker1 and Broker2 backed up by Backup1 and Backup2 which
are colocated on the opposite broker.
Something like this:

Broker 1            Broker 2
     |                        |
     |                        |
Backup 2          Backup 1

If I shut down Broker2 my Backup2 goes active just fine, and when Broker2
comes back up Backup2 will go inactive as expected.

However when Broker2 comes back up Backup1 is gone. I understand that
Broker1 won't attempt to build another backup to avoid a split brain problem
in the event of network isolation, but I would expect the colocated backup
to come back when Broker2 comes back online.

I'm not sure if I have something misconfigured or if Artemis doesn't support
persistent colocated backups currently.

I've seen a couple similar questions asked but no real answers given, the
closest being  ARTEMIS-2165

For reference my HA policy is below, any help or pointers would be greatly


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