Creating a stomp consumer clears the queue of existing messages

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Creating a stomp consumer clears the queue of existing messages


This is a re-post of the following question. I originally posted it in the ActiveMQ forum by mistake. Please accept my apologies if this bothers you.

I'm using StompConnect 1.0 and ActiveMQ C++ client 3.0.1 (Windows XP, MS dev studio 2005) to read text messages sent to JMS in JBoss.
I'm using the sample code provided in Stomp to connect and I find that if the queue contains messages, as soon as I create the consumer, they are all gone. I use JMX to look at the queue status, and whereas the counter shows the correct number of messages before the creation, it shows 0 after the creation.
Note that any massages created thereafter behave correctly.

I'm using the code:

auto_ptr<ConnectionFactory> connectionFactory(ConnectionFactory::createCMSConnectionFactory( m_brokerURI) );
m_connection = connectionFactory->createConnection(m_stompUserName,m_stompPassword);
m_session = m_connection->createSession( Session::AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE );
m_destination = m_session->createQueue( "MyQueue" );
m_consumer = m_session->createConsumer( m_destination );

As soon as I run the last line, the queue is empty.
I tried setting the prefetch and the pending message limit (MyQueue?consumer.prefetchSize=0&consumer.maximumPendingMessageLimit=-1) but that didn't help.

In diving into the code, I found that the queue is cleared when the outputStream is flushed with the connect command.

Any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks for your help,