'Client already connected ' exception in ActiveMQ v5.11.1

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'Client already connected ' exception in ActiveMQ v5.11.1


ActiveMQ v5.11.1
Clients connect to ActiveMQ server via load balancer
Client is a durable stomp subscriber on a topic

I have come across a weird case where I am getting a 'client already connected from some ip' exception but there is not client running and the durable subscriber is marked as Active.
There is not record of the concerned client's 'client-id' and 'remoteAddress' in jconsole under "clientConnectors" tab.

I have received this exception earlier also with some genuine cases. But this time I am sure that there is no other client running but i am still getting this exception.

This looks like an ActiveMQ bug. Does anyone has any idea, how to handle it - since there is no way to kill a client thats non-existent and it is a 'production' setup where i cannot do casual restarts.