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Apollo webAdmin SSL


I embedded an Apollo Broker in a tomcat app following the embedded broker example.

I need to use the Rest management API to display some broker's informations in our site using jQuery getJSON (jsonp here because it's cross domain). But the request seems to be blocked by the browser because I call it in a SSL domain toward a non-SSL domain. Here how I binded the webadmin:

WebAdminDTO webAdmin = new WebAdminDTO();
webAdmin.bind = "http://localhost:8080/apolloadmin";

Here how i'm getting the json:

$.getJSON("http://localhost:8080/apolloadmin/broker.json?mycallbackmethod=?", function(data) {

chrome response:
[blocked] The page at https://localhost:8443/mySite/apolloTest.html ran insecure content from http://localhost:8080/apolloadmin/broker.json?callback=jQuery19003302634309511632_1375947912382&_=1375947912383.

So how can I use a SSL connection for the webadmin api? Or is there something wrong in my may of using it (very possible because i'm realling beginner with Apollo)?


PS: I tried to subscribe to the mailing list but still not received mail. Sorry for this.
PS2: sorry for my english.