AdvisoryMessage ProducerInfo and Wildcards

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AdvisoryMessage ProducerInfo and Wildcards


Imagine one broker on which several client processes are connected.

First one creates a producer on queue "myQueue.1", A second one creates a producer on queue "myQueue.2".

An administrative process is connected on this broker too.
Is it possible, in this administrative process, to use AdvisoryMessages for catching Producer creation for "myQueue.>" (AdvisorySupport.getProducerAdvisoryTopic(new ActiveMQDestination("myQueue.>")), and detects with the ProducerInfo received messages that a producer on "myQueue.1" and a producer on "myQueue.2" was created ?

If yes, is it ProducerInfo.getDestination().getPhysicalName() or ProducerInfo.getDestination().getQualifiedName() that I must use ?

Thank you in advance