ActiveMQ Queue Consumer Stops receiving messages.

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ActiveMQ Queue Consumer Stops receiving messages.

Hi Experts,
I am working on a java project in which my application is a Queue Consumer (Connector1) and a Topic consumer (AgentStates). It publishes on many topics as well.
The application was running smoothly, It was receiving messages and publishing on topics. There are several other application who publish messages on Connector1.
All of sudden it stops receiving messages on Connector1. A second ago application receives messages and in next second it didn't.
Application and Platform Details
- ActiveMQ Version : 5.14.0
- Platform: Java SE 8 Update 121
- Application Type: Desktop Application (Windows Service)
- ActiveMQ Broker is running in network of brokers mode. (config file is attached)

I have checked ActiveMQ web console. Following are my observations.
1- My application is active consumer on Queue
2- Messages are enqueued and are pending in the queue.
3- I tried publishing message to Connector1 Queue from web console, it also goes to pending.
4- I tried publishing message to AgentStates Topic from web console, It received by the application.
5- I have check my Application logs, I didn't find any error or exception logged there. My application log level is TRACE.
6- I have checked my application Thread Dumps, ActiveMQ thread is RUNNABLE.(see attachment ThreadDump.txt)
7- I have checked ActiveMQ logs and again didn't find anything.(ActiveMQ logs level was info by default)
I searched the web but didn't get any clue.
Afterwards, I changed ActiveMQ logs Level using JConsole. (
When it hit reloadLog4jProperties button in JConsole, it automatically purges all the pending messages in Connector1 Queue and then I tried sending a message to Queue Connector1, which successfully received by the application.
Details can be seen on line no 4043 in file activemq.log.3 file.
My Question is, Why application stops consuming messages on Queue Connector1 even it is an active consumer, although its consuming messages on Topic AgentStates.
There is no restart, failover occurs, Application and ActiveMQ are deployed on the same machine, no network glitch was there.
It can also occur in Production Environment which is very harmful.
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Re: ActiveMQ Queue Consumer Stops receiving messages.


Not sure if you have done it already or not, but try using JMX Client like JConsole to pick anything out of ordinary for that particular consumer.

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Re: ActiveMQ Queue Consumer Stops receiving messages.

In reply to this post by kashif_sohail
Hi Kashif,

Have you been able to resolve your problem. We are facing the same one.


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