ActiveMQ Producer and broker receipt acknowledgement

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ActiveMQ Producer and broker receipt acknowledgement

Hi all,

I have a producer that works quiet well except under situations where
network issues may arise. It implements the TransportListener interface and
can handle interrupt/resume cycle. However I have seen issues where I get to
the send function and connection to the broker has been dropped (potentially
by firewall) but I did not get an interruption so the attempt to send will
be attempted and most likely timeout or result in an exception.

I would like to add additional reliability to my producer, by storing
messages for sending later where we detect the transport is interrupted but
also if we fail to send. Is there something I am missing in terms of
obtaining an ack or confirmation from the broker during the send that lets
me know the message was received by the broker. Or potentially an out of
band keepalive mechanism that I can use?


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