ActiveMQ: OutOfMemory error on startup

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ActiveMQ: OutOfMemory error on startup


We have Active 5.13.1 with Kaha DB. We tied to push 10,000 messages to one queue. and we did not configure any consumer to this queue. hence the all 10,000 messages are in pending state.

Now at this state when we restart the ActiveMQ. we are seeing OutOfMemory Error in log.

1. Any suggestions apart from increasing the RAM for ActiveMQ ?

2. Any configuration we can add not to load all pending messages on ActiveMQ startup. ?

3. Any configuration we can add at queue level to limit incoming messages incase of there is no consumer     configured ? In tibco we have below configuration where queue is configured to persists on upto 2MB data,  if messages on the queue have exceeded the maxbytes or maxmsgsvalue, the oldest messages are discarded from the queue and an error is returned to the message producer.

           "setprop queue queue/audit maxbytes=2MB, overflowPolicy=discardOld"

Any such configuration can we do in ActiveMQ ?