ActiveMQ-CPP Version 3.0 Released

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ActiveMQ-CPP Version 3.0 Released
Hey everyone,
It's official ... ActiveMQ-CPP v3.0 has now been released.  This release has
many improvements and new features as well.  See the release page for the full
list of issues that have been addressed in this release.

  * Failover Transport
  * CMS API has moved to V1.3 which now has more granular Exceptions
    and has even more JMS equivalent interfaces.
  * StreamMessage has now been added to the set of Messages that
    ActiveMQ-CPP supports.
  * More robust MessageConsumer implementation.
  * 64 Bit Builds supported on Windows an Linux.
  * Improved Build scripts.
  * Additional CMS API Documentation.
  * Supports receiving Messages on Virtual Destinations.

You can download the source distribution here: