ActiveMQ 5.9.1 REST selector operation.

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ActiveMQ 5.9.1 REST selector operation.

I'm trying to use the REST API to GET a response from a queue.

I set my url to : http://appdev003:8161/api/message/xml2test.replyto.queue?type=queue&clientId=XML2Test&readTimeout=1000

I added a header for selector: JMSCorrelationID='9595bb66-6fb7-4f6f-8bd5-ff86721f35f7'

I checked the message and the Correlation Id is set to the Guid above.

What I received back is not the filtered message I get what ever is on the queue.

Details on the request:
Method GET String 0 32
Uri /api/message/xml2test.replyto.queue?type=queue&clientId=XML2Test&readTimeout=1000
Headers map{Authorization=BasicYWRtaW46YWRtaW4=,Host=appdev003:8161,selector=JMSCorrelationID='5baaf583-7598-45cb-8620-2c030ae8d83c'}

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if this feature works.