ActiveMQ 5.12 queuePrefetch=0 not working

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ActiveMQ 5.12 queuePrefetch=0 not working

Hi Experts,

Recently, We have migrated our application from ActiveMQ-5.4(ServiceMix 4)
to ActiveMQ-5.12.
We were using queuePrefetch=0 in ActiveMQ-5.4(ServiceMix 4) which was
working fine. But after migration to latest ActiveMQ-5.12, queuePrefetch=0
is not working and consumers are not able to pull messages from broker. We
have observed that queuePrefetch > 0 is working fine and pushing of messages
to consumers is working fine.

As per our application architecture, it is good to use queuePrefetch=0
option which is not working.
There is one defect on
ActiveMQ-5.8 and the same change set available in 5.12 also but still it is
not working.
Please help us in resolving the issue.

Sampathi G

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