[ANNOUNCE] ActiveMQ-CPP Version 3.8.0 Released

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[ANNOUNCE] ActiveMQ-CPP Version 3.8.0 Released

Hi Everyone,

Its official, AcitveMQ-CPP v3.8.0 has now been released.

This is a new patch release of ActiveMQ-CPP which contains bug fixes for
issues that were found since v3.7.1 was released and also some new
features and build improvements for Windows users.

  * 3.7.0 does not compile with gcc-4.4.7 on CentOS-6
  * APR-Util header include missed in latest release.
  * CMS FailoverTransport Leaks Socket Descriptors
  * closing a connection stalled in start because of failover should
    stop the transport safely.
  * Compilation Error Fix for Sun Studio under Solaris 10
  * Exception lifetime confusion can cause the application to crash
  * Connection didn't switch to the slave broker when the master broker
    is down
  * Commiting a session with a deleted consumer causes access violation
  * Compilation of 3.7.0 fails for Linux systems (Redhat 5.8 and SuSE
    SLES 10)
  * Cient doesn't work on Linux Red Hat 6.4 systems, fails when setting
    thread priority
  * Exception "attempt to unlock read lock, not locked by current
    thread" when doing performance testing
  * For SSL connections ensure the SNI field is set.
  * Can't send to temporary queues created by name
  * Added Visual Studio 2010 project files for the project.
  * Added Destination Source events based listener interfaces to the CMS

You can download the source package from here:

The complete list of fixes is here:

API documentation for v3.6.0+ versions is located here:

Tim Bish
Sr Software Engineer | RedHat Inc.
[hidden email] | www.fusesource.com | www.redhat.com
skype: tabish121 | twitter: @tabish121
blog: http://timbish.blogspot.com/