[ANNOUNCE] ActiveMQ Artemis 2.10.0 Released

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[ANNOUNCE] ActiveMQ Artemis 2.10.0 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of ActiveMQ Artemis 2.10.0.

Downloads are now available at:

For a complete list of updates, refer to the release notes:

And to a list of commits generated here:

I would like to highlight the following features on this release:

[ARTEMIS-2364] - Implement collision avoidance for redelivery
[ARTEMIS-2457] - Implement ring queue

These features added more rich features on Queue Processing.

and the following performance improvement on this release:

[ARTEMIS-2399] - Improve Paging performance when there are a lot of subscribers

As this last change is almost like a new feature by itself. Paging
will now be streamed from Page Subscriptions, being a faster approach
with many subscriptions.

This release also has a significant amount of bug fixes as you can see
on the git and release reports.

Many thanks for all the contributors to this release. Both users
reporting issues, and committers and contributors submitting fixes.

Thanks everybody!

Clebert Suconic