[ANNOUNCE] ActiveMQ 5.11.1 Release

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[ANNOUNCE] ActiveMQ 5.11.1 Release

The ActiveMQ team is pleased to announce the release of ActiveMQ 5.11.1.

This release fixes bugs from 5.11.0, including AMQ-5564 which addresses a potential memory leak.  Special thanks to Claus Ibsen and Timothy Bish for addressing that issue quickly.  And thank you to Hadrian Zbarcea for his effort in merging the updates in preparation for the release.

Users of 5.11.0 are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues.  All users are encouraged to upgrade as a general practice to avoid running into the problem addressed here, to simplify the effort of addressing concerns as they are raised, and to minimize the effort of staying current
as ActiveMQ releases continue to be developed.

Please download the release, access release notes, and more - here: