AMQ Extension to Stomp: create temp queue

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AMQ Extension to Stomp: create temp queue

I have used the Perl Net-Stomp-0.32 as wireprotocol to AMQ to build on top an RPC and Pubsub Notification system. So far it has been very successful. A Perl Client and Java Server working
very well.

The only thing so far missing on Stomp/AMQ side is support for creating a temp queue which
I need for RPC reply. On Java side JMS provides it and gets cleaned automatically, but the
Stomp side, I'm forced to create a regular queue. For RPC case, this reply queue is a unique
queue name and only used for duration an RPC call. This  is creating a lot of queues on
AMQ and consumes resource.

I have raised the temp queue AMQ extension to Stomp before, but I have not seen any
acitivity. This is very critical. I have even proposed Stomp protocol change, but the
Stomp protocol user group wants to keep Stomp generic and suggested extending it
is a better way to go which I totally agree.

I appreciate the AMQ development group comment on the subject matter.

-Sileshi Kassa