A few messages got delayed for 30 minutes

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A few messages got delayed for 30 minutes

Recently, I have changed the configuration of the broker network and set a duplex connection between 2 of my brokers. So, the first broker creates 3 duplex conections to another one.

I also set conduitSubscriptions=false on both connectors. I have about 200 consumers that are connected to a queue.

And I also had the following configuration parameters changed:

<policyEntry queue=">" producerFlowControl="false" memoryLimit="10mb" enableAudit="false">
    <conditionalNetworkBridgeFilterFactory replayWhenNoConsumers="true" />
    <transportConnector auditNetworkProducers="true"/>

The problem I started experienceing is that a few messages got stuck in a queue for about 30 minutes. It looks like a message got delivered to a queue (I can see it via camel). I can see the timestamp of the message: 9:52:21. It stays in the queue even there are 200 consumers connected to a queue. But suddenly, after 30 minutes, it got delivered to a consumer! I can see it is processed in a one's consumer log. And everything seems just perfect, but I can't undertand what causes this 30 minutes delay.

I use AMQ scheduler heavily. But afaik messages with a scheduler delivery delay don't appear in a queue. And if they appear, Redelivered flag should be set to true and my custom header should also be changed, but it is not. So I am almost sure that it is not a scheduled message. But what is that? Why it stays in a queue for so long? Can it be connected with my recent changes in broker configuration?