2 duplex network connections between 2 brokers.

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2 duplex network connections between 2 brokers.


For administrative reasons, I have 2 brokers that are connected to each others twice in the two ways

First broker
TransportConnector multicast group A
NetworkConnector multicast group B

Second broker
TransportConnector multicast group B
NetworkConnector multicast group A

I know that it can seem better only to have one exchange duplex connection in such a configuration but it is difficult because I want to be able to split my data flows by their nature (applicative flows or administrative flows) and associate a different network of broker.

I have two environments with two different versions of ActiveMQ 5.2.
On the first one, no error, my brokers are connected twice.
On the second one, I have an Async Error : already connected.

I want to know if my environment with no error has an ActiveMQ behaviour that is the one that is waited for or if the normal behaviour is to have an error.

I don't find clearly the answer by looking for this in the forum.

Thank you in advance.